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When we are younger we all dream about potentially traveling the world and exploring the world around us. Our parents often encouraged these dreams without making us aware of all of the factors that come along with traveling. As children we did not take into account the expenses of traveling along with the dangers that may come along with it. As we grow up these dreams of traveling the world seem to slowly slip away as we become aware of all of the things that come along with it. In this blog I intend to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of traveling.

As a college student I could only dream of the opportunity to travel to another country and expand my studies. Although I could not imagine where I would travel to, I imagine the experience would be out of this world. Studying abroad is now an option presented to students who strive to expand their studies in a foreign country. This is a very risky, intriguing, and expensive option to consider for most students that are interested in expanding their studies. There are also many flaws to this option that have recently been improved and are still being improved to this day.  Plan to discuss the benefits and risks of studying abroad and how this option can not only expand the students’ knowledge who participate in this program but also the people around them.

Another form of travel would be traveling for pleasure. Although I do not travel often I have enjoyed almost every vacation I have been on, inside or out of the country. Being that I have only been out of the country three times I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed those vacations and I took advantage of every moment during that vacation. However vacationing for pleasure does not always consist of leaving the country; it could be something as simple as visiting family or friends a couple miles away or a ski trip to the mountains or spring break to the beach. Often times though, the term “traveling for pleasure” can be overused on trips such as funerals or other such things that are not typically considered pleasurable. I plan to discuss the term “traveling for pleasure” and all of the different types of vacation that fall in that category.

All of these narrow topics are only some of the vast interests I have in the broad topic of traveling. I have so many other things related to traveling that I am interested in discussing on my blog and I plan to broaden my horizon to analyze the different types of traveling and benefits and risks associated with all of the different forms of travel. I have always dreamed of traveling for short periods of time to places I am unfamiliar with but I have never actually looked into it. I am now interested to see, and share all of my findings on the “ins and outs” of traveling.


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