Review #2

time travelers wife    When we are children we have blooming imaginations and almost any scenario seems possible. Time travel was always something that was something we all wondered about but never believed was possible. In the movie a young Rachel McAdams meets a middle aged man who she encounters at different times in her life and eventually falls in love with him. They dream of getting married and starting a life together but his unawareness of when he will disappear and travel in time again makes things progressively worse and more complicated to keep a stable and somewhat normal relationship. Eventually, his time travel seems to appear more stable and they agree to get married and start a life together. Despite his frequent and lengthy travel through time she gets pregnant and has a child. Although she becomes more frustrated with the fact that he is a very distant part of her and their daughters’ life they continue the relationship and do all they can to make it work. His time travel takes them to all different parts of the world at different points all throughout their relationship. Though we know time travel is not a real thing we often dream of experiencing time travel despite the consequences it may bring to our lives somewhat like the movie. I personally have traveled to a few different parts of the world and know if I was given the opportunity to go back in time to when I visited those places I would.


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