Resources Page

I choose this link as one of the more helpful ones strictly because it inspires you to travel. The videos show overviews of different parts of the world in a desirable way. It drawls you in and sparks your interest in the areas they show. I think this link has been helpful in exposing the different travel opportunities possible.

This is a great source for my topic of traveling because it provides so many sources for travel as well as opportunities to take during travel. It provides you with sights to see and places to go within the area that you choose to travel. It provides me with other travel blogs that explain in depth the feedback on the location they traveled to and for all different reasons.

This video is a great source for my topic because it provokes emotion and makes you want to help the people living in that sort of situation. This video inspires you to help in a way that makes you feel that you will be making a difference no matter what you do. It shows you that you will have a place in this mission trip and that you will be making a difference no matter what because there is always something that needs to be done big or small.

I have chosen this as a source for my topic of traveling because it simplifies the traveling experience for the modern traveler. This provides options for quicker and more convenient travel and help by giving technological support through apps and helping the traveler to have a more enjoyable trip without having to worry about not knowing their way around or by not knowing what there is to do in the area.

This is a good source for my topic because it pinpoints different areas of travel and sights in those areas of travel. This site provides the traveler with the most visited places to see by foreigners. It highlights the more interesting sights to see in these popular cities.

This source provides me with a wide range of traveling opportunities from anywhere from where to go to what to do once the destination has been reached. It shows the pros and cons of visiting certain areas and helps to provide the traveler with opportunities that other sites might not have or recommend.

This website is helpful to me because it provides real stories about real places. It provides me with real people’s opinions and stories about the different places they have traveled to.

This is a very helpful source because it shows the adventurous side of traveling. It provides me as well as other travelers with natural places to go visit and explore. I have always had a knack for adventure and exploration so this article is something that sparks my interest.


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