Rant and Rave #2

Traveling has almost always been considered something for the wealthy and those individuals with too much time on their hands. I admit I am guilty to having this sort of thought process and in the back of my mind I always figured I wouldn’t be able to travel much since I am not filthy rich and stay more busy than I sometimes like. After reading a young bloggers recent post “The Pros and Cons of Travel” I was quickly corrected.

Amanda, the author of this post, describes her travels she has embarked on and elaborates on how there are many ups to traveling as well as downs. She begins with the pros of traveling by stating how traveling can provide a temporary get away. She begins by saying: “Travel is the perfect form of escapism – far better than reading a book or watching a movie – because it actually means you get to leave your current situation. You can trade in whatever is making you unhappy for something different, even if it’s just for a little while.” Although I may be young and I also have not explored the world as much as she has I agree to this statement because in high school I would get fed up with the people I was dealing with on a daily basis and I would make plans to go out of town that weekend. Often times it just takes the slightest change in scenery to help smooth over a tough or annoying situation. She then proceeds to discuss how traveling is a learning experience. Every trip you go on may not be a complete “life changer” however it is easy for me to say that every trip no matter how big or small, does in some way impact and leave a lasting mark in your life. Traveling is an eye opener weather you are traveling somewhere out of the country or just a state over, you are almost guaranteed to encounter a situation or type of scenery you would not have experienced if you did not travel to that location. Traveling is not only a learning experience about the world outside of your day to day routine, traveling is also about learning about yourself and growing as in independent individual. Briefly, Amanda touches on the spontaneity and adventure traveling can bring by saying “Travel can open up so many doors and provide for so many adventures, both planned and spontaneous. If you’re in the mood to make a lasting memory, get out and see the world. Let life happen, both to you and around you, and just go with it.” Lastly in the positives of traveling she explains that the common misconception, that you have to be wealthy to travel, is just an assumption and that in fact traveling to some countries can be more inexpensive than the area you currently live in. By choosing places to travel to that are less luxurious and have a lower cost of living she states that a little can go a long way.

Although there are many pros to traveling, it also has many negative or dangers. Amanda begins by saying how the escapism factor definitely is beneficial for a brief getaway but to some getting away can look more like running away. Often times it is easy to have a desire to get away from a current or ongoing problem but running away from your problems for long periods of time is not healthy and the author does not advise suing travel for this reason. Next, Amanda makes the point that no matter how fun, exciting, and adventurous traveling can be, it can also be exhausting and this can lead people into feeling homesick. However the author does point out that the newer forms of social media make it easier to communicate with your loved ones back home through sites such as Skype, Facebook, and many more. Being homesick is one thing, but missing out on things back home make staying at your current home away from home somewhat difficult. As much as we want and hope that we don’t miss things while we are traveling it is hard to make everything at home stop what is currently going on to wait for you to get a back. Life will continue to go on without you while you are away but that’s just another thing you must take into account when making plans to travel. Finally Amanda concludes by admitting that while you don’t necessarily have to be rich to travel you do have to make a fair income to travel to far away, more exotic places, often. Though most of my vacations have been paid for by my parents the one that I have paid for are often times a large chunk of change, whether that consists of a spring break trip or something much larger than that I have learned that travel is never something that is completely inexpensive.

Traveling is something that I have always looked forward to when I was younger. I am now coming up with more realistic and less costly options than I had originally hoped for. I think that traveling is something that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in no matter the cost or time it may consume. The pros of traveling most definitely outweigh the cons and after reading this I feel as though I will travel smarter and look for deals wherever they may be hiding.



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