Rant and Rave

When we travel most of us are not interested in what is going on hundreds of feet below the airplane, most people just want to enjoy a quick nap before they reach their destination. Often times it can be uncomfortable to sleep up right in the chair without your head falling forward or on the person in the seat next to you. There is now a new innovative way to take that quick nap on a plane and still be comfortable without being rude by leaning your chair back on the person behind you. This new innovation is called Relax Ally and is designed to work as a face mask as well as a head strap that is also strapped to the back of the individuals chair to keep your head from falling and to keep you comfortable while catching a quick nap. I think this is an odd product but it is creative and a great idea. I don’t know that I personally would purchase it but I think for someone who flies often this could be extremely helpful and way more comfortable. The product has said to have been sold in over 20 countries to a wide range of consumers and is now taking steps to be even more of a rave than it already is. The man who created the product has now created different looks for the head strap and there are now ones with pockets on the side and a hat on the top to keep your head warm. The great thing about this innovation is that it does not technically have to be used only on a plane ride but it could also be used in a car or another form of transportation where taking a nap isn’t the most comfortable. This product is not only a funny or creative new gadget but it is also said to have improved some individuals muscle strain in their neck or back. Dr. Cacinda Maloney has worked as a chiropractor for many years and has said that her patients have used the product and have seen great improvements in the ligaments and muscles in their neck from using the product. The product is not meant to give you an uninterrupted slumber however it does provide you with more comfortable and less restless sleep.

The promotional video explaining the product:

The promotional video explaining the product: http://vimeo.com/105211209


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