Rant and Rave

Now a day’s people will do anything to make a long trip less boring especially a plane ride. There is now a new app that has been created in hopes that individuals will purchase it and have a more pleasant flight. This app is called Quicket and was originally designed to make travel easier however it now also can serve as a form of entertainment for users. This app now has a link to Facebook so all individuals on their flights can download it and potentially figure out who they will be sitting next to, who the attractive guy is a couple rows up, or just to pass the time getting to know a couple strangers while you’re all stuck on the same flight. While I think this app could be helpful or interesting to some it can be very unsafe to have that sort of information linked to an app that anyone on your flights can view while on the flight or even after the luggage has been collected and everyone has gone their separate ways. It is crazy to think that the app has been described as a way to get a date or just have casual conversations over the messaging on the app. I think that flights can be a great way to meet people however I do not think that it should be done through such unsafe means or by hiding behind a phone screen. I know every time I fly anywhere my first move would be to get to know all the people on my flight, maybe the person next to me or in front of me but it would be odd to have access to all of their Facebook pages and other such info. I think this app is unsafe and should not be promoted on flights or airlines such as delta because that’s an easy way for a stalking case to start or much worse. I do however think that this app is helpful in the means of traveling convenience because you can easily find out if there an open window seat when you currently have the aisle seat, or to check in for a flight or even buy a ticket. That was what the app was originally made for and it should stay that way rather than adding Facebook or other unnecessary information to the mix.


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