Semiotic Analysis

When we are children we have dreams that are bigger than ourselves. We dream of being princesses, and super hero’s or maybe evens a movie star. Some of us fall short of becoming these dreams that seem to be unrealistic, while others strive to be the next big thing, and succeed. For women like Angelina Jolie these things never seemed out of reach to her. She has become a well-known celebrity and continues to succeed in almost everything she does. However Jolie is not only famous for her incredible acting skills but also for her charity work she has done around the world. While looking into traveling I have discovered it is not about where you go it’s about who you’re with, and Angelina Jolie does an incredible job of demonstrating this with her charity and mission work around the world, striving to help improve and change the lives of the young and old she encounters on her travels to foreign countries.

Often times we go about our lives careless or clueless of what is occurring in the world around us. We may be unaware of a war that is being fought externally or internally in the people or the countries around us. In Jolie’s journal entries we see this is very evident due to the constant unfortunate events that appear to be reoccurring in the journal entry for Sudan. She begins the entry with the opening statement: “90 days to stop another disaster in Africa: unfolding crisis in Sudan could see 300,000 deaths”. Immediately I am caught off guard and surprised by the astonishing statement. Most people would hear this on the news and either ignore it or do everything in their power to avoid any sort of contact with this issue, however Angelina Jolie makes an effort to travel to Sudan and perform a series of tasks to make the environment safer. She went in to Sudan with a team on a mission to provide protection for the people who have lost their way or been misplaced during the crisis, create conditions that would be conductive to the return of the lost individuals, and finally, to return the lost individuals to where they are originally from or to bring them to a common area where they could be reunited with loved ones. Jolie’s actions were not only brave, but also selfless, as she put herself at risk in a country that is not her own and to enter into such a dangerous territory without any sort of body guard to ensure her safety. She then discusses another headline that makes the situation seem more real to her as well as the audience: “More than a million people have been displaced in 18 months of violence. The official UN figures 1.6 million IDP’s (lost individuals) and 200,000 refugees to Chad”. Angelina Jolie then begins on her next mission to Khartoum and fears for her life because they warned them to be safe on the roads due to a recent explosion killing 2 other individuals on the same type of mission she was on. Jolie arrived late to her location she planned to be stationed at and shortly after helped to bring 21,535 metric tons of food to the village. Jolie’s selfless actions to travel to such a dangerous area at such a dangerous time nearly saved 1,336,922 crisis affected people’s lives. Jolie did not allow the fact that she is a well-known celebrity to interfere with the work she did to help the people in danger in Sudan and other African countries.

Waking up with a roof over our head everyday isn’t something many people have to work that hard for or struggle to keep; or so some think. In America most of us are fortunate enough to live in some sort of house with our own rooms and perhaps even bathroom. In Angelina Jolie’s journal entries we discover that this is not so in foreign countries. She travels to a small village like territory however it is not a village it is a safer ground where the people from many different villages in that area have been told to stay. She looks around to see only small huts made out of unstable material and notices one in particular. She proceeded to ask about the hut in concern for their healthy living: “I notice a small area with to kids playing in the dirt. I ask “How many people in those two rooms?” I would guess it was six feet by four feet. “Twelve people” she answers”. She stared at the woman in shock question how such a thing was possible. Jolie, like most of us have never been exposed to such conditions and began looking for other possible solutions to help solve such huge problem. She continues asking around about peoples current living situations and the homes and villages they used to live in. Jolie discovers most individuals she asked were living in homes and villages that were constantly under attack or for some reason unsafe. She began taking action to try to help in prove this problem once again. Jolie makes selfless actions to try to help clean up the safe villages they currently have to live in and begins taking action by assigning different people as well as herself to vacant villages that were unsafe. Jolie continued to perform selfless tasks in order to try to help improve the lives of the individuals in the unsafe conditions and tried to help bring a sense of hope to those suffering.

Maybe our childish dreams aren’t so childish after all. Maybe we can be a super hero or a princess to someone; maybe we just have to look below the surface a little bit to make these things possible. Angelina Jolie has proven to us that life isn’t all about the fame, but using that fame to help change and better the lives of the people around us. Jolie took advantage of the fact that she has the capability of making a huge difference and selflessly performed actions that most of us would be hesitant to even consider.


During the time that I wrote this I feel that my essay improved. I worked very hard to get together sources from Angelina Jolie’s journals she wrote while she was away on one of her trip to Sudan. She traveled to different many different parts of Africa and met and helped many different people. I think that I have done a good job of analyzing how she lives out a dream that many of us have always had of being a celebrity but using that power to help change the lives of others that are less fortunate. I helped to portray how her actions towards helping others we very selfless and how the good she has done as impacted the lives of others.

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