UPOften times when we are young we aspire to travel the world and explore. Typically as we grow older we realize we might not have the money or time to travel like we dreamt of when we were young, however for Carl Fredrickson, this was not the case. In the movie “UP” the, now 78 year old man, Carl Fredrickson plans to follow his dreams he and his wife had throughout their childhood of traveling the world. After a very unfortunate loss of his wife, Carl becomes sad and bitter. One day a young boy named Russell comes to his door asking if there was any way that he could help the old man, in order to gain his next Wilderness Explorer scout badge. Mr. Fredrickson gets annoyed and then sends him on a hunt to find some sort of weird creature. After being fed up with the world around him, Mr. Fredrickson begins to think of ways to escape from these problems and then figures out a plan. When the next day arrives he then releases hundreds of balloons through his roof that are attached to his house and the house slowly lifts off the ground. Immediately everyone around him including himself is in shock as he flys away to embark on an unknown adventure. As soon as he thinks he’s away from his problems and begins to relax he then finds one has followed him. Russell, the scared Wilderness Explorer scout, then beings to pound on the door and begging to be let in. After heavily debating it Mr. Fredrickson then allows him in and they embark on his traveling adventures he had always dreamt of. Throughout the movie we see the ups and downs of the last minute planned adventure Mr. Frederickson had always looked forward to. This movie does a great job of portraying the kind of childish adventure we once wished for as a kid and may still dream of as adults. Most people spend their whole life pushing travel goals off to the future, when they should be living those dreams right now. Life is short, and you have to fill it with interesting experiences as often as you can. This movie does a good job of emphasizing that theme.


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